About WealthMark

WealthMark Financial Solutions is a company built on relationships. Headed by the father-son team of Tony and Clay Edwards, WealthMark Financial Solutions is united in the pursuit of creating meaningful and generational wealth for families, leaders, and business owners. 

To reach that objective, we emphasize trust

We've never been interested in making a quick sale. Instead, we prefer to first understand your unique challenges and goals before providing our straight-shooting perspective and low-pressure recommendations. Ultimately, we're most concerned with ensuring you receive expert financial guidance for a fulfilling future. 

Our clients regularly decide to continue working with us year after year because of our measured approach—an approach that helps people achieve their financial goals. In fact, we've built wealth that lasts for generations, allowing us to work with one family member to the next as the family continues to thrive. 

Tony Edwards

Tony-Edwards Headshot

Family is essential to Tony Edwards, a Financial Advisor* at WealthMark Financial Solutions. With his wife, Susan, Tony enjoys spending time with their three children and nine grandchildren. Whenever he can, he'll combine his love of family with his love for reading, the outdoors, and music—especially drumming. 

When he's not with his family, Tony believes in the power of giving back to the community. He enjoys supporting music programs, local schools, and hospitals by volunteering as a board member, serving in leadership positions, and offering fundraising support. Tony is also an active member of Morningview Baptist Church, where he served as a musician, teacher, deacon, finance director, or a volunteer on numerous committees. Tony's grandchildren are the Edwards family's fourth generation of Morningview Baptist Church members!

Although he's a Financial Advisor today, Tony first attended aviation school, and he even earned his commercial license and flight instructor license before beginning a career as a corporate pilot. In addition to working with clients at WealthMark Financial Solutions, Tony also served on the Agents Advisory Council for New York Life, a forum for agents and home office business leaders to exchange ideas and information on company products and services, as well as to provide input to help the company meet its business goals.

More than anything, though, Tony is focused on delivering the best results possible for the families, small business owners, and corporate leaders who trust him to generate outstanding financial results.

Address: 4121 Carmichael Rd, Suite 401
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: 334-279-1987
Fax: 334-279-5354

Clay Edwards

Clay Edwards Headshot

Clay Edwards believes in the importance of family. With his wife, Lindsay, Clay is the father of two children. When he's not with his loved ones, you'll likely find Clay spending time in the garden, visiting the lake, camping in the forest, attending youth athletics, or finding peace through woodworking.

Clay is deeply involved in the community. A member of the local Chamber of Commerce, you'll also find Clay attending Morningview Baptist Church or volunteering with Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy.

Outside of WealthMark Financial Solutions, Clay is an active member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), a trade organization for insurance professionals and financial advisors.

Like his father, Tony, Clay aims to deliver the solutions that enable WealthMark's clients to achieve their dreams.

: 4121 Carmichael Rd, Suite 401
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: 334-279-1987
Fax: 334-279-5354

Amy Dandridge

Amy Dandridge Headshot

At WealthMark Financial Solutions, Amy wears many hats—assisting with administrative tasks and managing marketing, business development, and community awareness.

Amy has a real passion for customer service and enjoys anticipating and assisting the needs of our clients. Prior to WealthMark, Amy has a background in nursing and medical instruction. 

As the daughter of Tony and brother of Clay, Amy is truly part of the family. She grew up in Montgomery, AL, and currently resides in Wetumpka. Amy and her husband Blake have three boys and two foster children. She is active at Morningview Baptist Church, where she volunteers as a teacher. Amy loves to spend her free time with her family enjoying the warm months on the lake. 

Amy is here to serve you. You can expect an active listener who will be responsive to your questions and concerns. 

Address: 4121 Carmichael Rd, Suite 401

Kathy Fannin

Kathy-Fannin Headshot

Kathy Fannin loves spending time with her family. When she's not with her husband, three sons, or seven grandchildren, you'll find her gardening, soaking up the sun at the beach, or volunteering at Christ's Gospel Baptist Church. 

A pillar on the WealthMark Financial Solutions team for more than a decade, Kathy runs the business's day-to-day operations, quick to answer the phone and assist clients in any way possible. Through her warmth and professional, Kathy makes every client feel right at home.


Address: 4121 Carmichael Rd, Suite 401
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: 334-279-1987
Fax: 334-279-5354